Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Nipple!!! Anyway, this tattoo is clearly freehanded designed. When I first saw it, it looked familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it. About 2minutes later it popped into my head - it looks somewhat similar to the image used for the ALIEN SAGA dvd release several years ago. The image used for the dvd packaging was an unused pic of Stan Winston's Alien suit from ALIENS. The cover is cropped, but the poster for the release showed the full alien, pretty much in the pose in the Tat (trust me) - its a pretty awesome poster and I have it framed, heh. So yeah, I'm thinking that image was the source of inspiration for the Tat. Why they didn't go for the full effect and instead go with the crappy faux-Giger work is beyond me.

UPDATE: I just realized that same Alien image was also used for the Director's Cut dvd of AVP (pic below). Funny that they use STAN WINSTON's Alien (from ALIENS) to sell this movie, instead of using the actual Alien featured in AVP. Anyway, that image better shows the alien's hips and legs to better compare to the tattoo pose.

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