Friday, May 04, 2007


And another installment of "Old Star Trek 'New", showing before and after pics of the "new" Star Trek episodes where they are replacing some of the FX shots with new stuff. Here are some pics from the latest aired episode, "TOMORROW IS YESTERDAY" where the Enterprise time travels back to the 1960s. Here are some comparisons:This is usually where I would bash the new stuff. Not so this time. While I still think they shouldn't have touched the old fx, these work for me. My biggest complaint with the previous remasters is that the new visuals lack that imaginative touch of the final frontier. Why make everything out there in space look like what we know so far in our own solar system? Why venture out if its all the same? But with this one, the Enterprise is back in our solar system and in orbit around Earth. So what better time to make it look as realistic as possible? To further show how amazing and different it is out there! So I don't mind this one... although I will say I wish the FX looked better. I still think it looks kind of "out of the box" fx. But that's just this dork's opinion... but then again, I'm always right when it comes to these things, as we all know.


allen etter said...

Ive seen a few of these episodes. They're really great. They 'fixed' them...they didn't Lucas them.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I was watching Trek the other night here in the UK, they're showing the original episodes without new FX, the old FX are still great for the most part and didn't need fixing !!

Five Fingers said...
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