Wednesday, May 02, 2007


After years of hearing coworkers go on and on about THE SHIELD,
I finally caved and reluctantly borrowed their dvds... and now we're totally hooked! I know, it pains me to admit this, publicly no less, but we freaking LOVE The Shield! Every character is my favorite. We've been burning through the dvds, staying up late every night. Last night we finished Season 2 (which ruled) and couldn't resist watching the first episode of SEASON 3. I even joked about staying up all night and calling in sick today so we could watch more. Everyone's told me that Season 4 is amazing, so I can't wait!

I recommend picking up Season 1.
Join us.
It's bliiiissssss.
*thanks for the dvds, HH!

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Lisa said...

I've heard good things too, but we've yet to pick them up. Might have to give in this summer and finally check out the first season.