Friday, May 04, 2007


SPIDERMAN 3 came out today. Millions of people will rush to the theater and ooh and ahh at Spidey doing whatever a spider can, and watch Toby remove his mask every chance he can. But very few of those people will go pick up a Spiderman comic. It boggles my mind, really. Ya know the phrase "The book is always better than the movie"? Well it applies to comic book movies, too. I have yet to see a comic book based movie that was better than the comic itself. So if you dig the Spiderman movies, why dontcha swing into your local comic book store this weekend! Its actually the perfect time as saturday MAY 5 is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY.

Most comic book stores host this day and give out preselected free books from the publishers (although the comic stores themselves are the ones paying for em). So look up your local comic store and swing in this weekend! You can ask for recommendations (comic folk love to talk and give recommendations, btw) or you can ask for these JIMSMASH Spiderman recommendations:

You can also feel free to email me at for any and all geek recommendations. Anytime!


SPIDER-MAN: BLUE - This is a great comic tributing GWEN STACY. Its just a beautiful book all around. Very touching, too.

SPIDER-MAN: BIRTH OF VENOM - See how VENOM is supposed to be! When he first showed up in the comics, he was freaking awesome. Personally, he became cliche and over used as time went on. But those early days were spectacular with hyper art by Todd McFarlane!

SPIDER-MAN: KRAVEN'S LAST HUNT - Kraven the Hunter hunts Spidey!

SPIDER-MAN: MARVEL KNIGHTS VOL 1 Hardcover - A mysterious villain discovers Spidey's secret identity... and is uses the information to slowly destroy everything and everyone that Peter cares about. It takes Spidey to an uncomfortable edge, a line he may have to cross.

If you like Gilmore Girls, Charmed and the like, then try the ULTIMATE SPIDERMAN Books... they're distorted retellings and reenvisionings of the webslinger, but in a WB TV style. Sorry, that's the best I can do because personally I'm an old school purists Spidey fan. Fun reads, seriously, but again - purist.

Ask your local comic store, or email LISA and see if she has em (she does mail order and kicks ass!). If you're in LA, go to GOLDEN APPLE COMICS on LaBrea and Melrose (diagonal from Pink's Hotdogs).

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Lisa said...

You are so right, Jim. We were at a midnight showing of Spider-Man 3 last night, and it was FILLED with nearly 500 people - and we recognized about 3 of them as people who have been in our comic book store before, and it's not like there are 20 comic book stores in the area, there are two, well really one good one and one dump, but that's a separate issue. Most seemed to be high school kids. They had their Spidy T-shirts on, but I bet very few of them have EVER read a spider-man comic book.

Spider-Man fans should DEFINATELY find a local comic book store and pick up the Marvel Spider-Man free comic book - it's GREAT! One of the best FCBD books of the year!

And thanks for the plug Jim!