Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Today's "Villain of the Day" is VENGER!

Venger is an evil wizard despot on a quest to conquer the realm of Dungeons & Dragons ('80s cartoon), but he needs more power to do this. This power is contained in the six weapons the band of young heroes possess (The Weapons of Power). Venger seeks to capture/destroy them.
When not battling the kids, Venger's hobbies include terrorizing the inhabitants of the realm, instilling fear into them, so that they will stay oppressed and not revolt against him. He uses his servants to do this, such as the Orcs, Lizard Men, the Shadow Demon, plus lots of slave labor (which are usually Dwarfs).
Lord Venger's voice is one of THE absolute coolest voices ever, thanks to voice actor Peter Cullen; deep with an artificial reverberation. His voice is what I picture Dr. Doom's voice being. You hear that Marvel, ya Chumps?!!!! Plus he has a really neat evil black horse with red eyes! Venger is only frightened of one thing - Tiamat the Dragon, this is because Tiamat is immune to his magic/power. Other than Tiamat, Venger is pretty much invulnerable!!!!
...... er, but is often thwarted by kids & an annoying baby unicorn.
*Peter Cullen was also the voice of Optimus Prime, Iron Hide, Eeyore, and KARR (Knight Rider) to name a few. More about him here.

**Some bullshit info I do not acknowledge: It is revealed by inept unoriginal writer, er I mean by Dungeon Master, that Venger was not always evil and that Venger is Dungeon Master's son! The poop keeps on oozing with the other revelation that there is a hidden sister too, called Karina, who Venger imprisoned. Like I said,
I do not acknowledge that shite....NOR SHOULD YOU!!!


Steve Mannion said...

Hey Jim Smash-
I enjoy your blogger here! Just read how to comment so I thought I'd give it a try. Great tidbits.
Hope all is well. I wish I was on with a lot of this culture- I'm kind of a 'Happy Days' 'Good Times' 70's type culture kid. Lotsa Bob Clampett Bugs Bunny when I was growing up too. Regardless your commentary is always fun-

Keep on keepin' on-
Steve Smash

Jim said...

Welcome aboard, Steve!
Thank you for the kind words!

melchy said...

the Gooch is way scarier

d_and_d_dad said...

His horse is called a Nightmare jim.. get it..

night (scary) Mare (horse)

also dwarves is spelled witha a v not an f.


Jim said...

How about "Asshole"
Am I spelling that correctly?