Friday, April 28, 2006


Looks like IRON MAN is still in the game of getting made into a movie. Every 2yrs or so rumors of it being a possibility surface; the last one being with Nicholas Cage (ugh). However, the lastest news seems like its actually going to happen with John Favreau writing and directing it! I think he may be able to pull it off. Iron Man is one of those characters that can easily be mishandled, even in his own book by Marvel. Fingers crossed Favreau "gets it" and nails it. When casting Tony Stark, I had always thought either Timothy Dalton (too old now) or Tom Cruise would have been good choices, if using well-knowns. I still say Tom Cruise, even though he's a crazy egotistical prick. But that's kind of how Tony Stark is!

In semi-related news (not really), it looks like SHIA LEBEOUF (Holes, Battle of Shaker Heights, IRobot) is going to be cast as SPIKE in the Live-Action Transformers movie! Nice. He's perfect. Great, fun, talented guy, too. During IRobot, I met him at a screening of Battle of Shaker Heights and briefly talked with him afterwards about the 2 movies. So you know, we're tight now. :)

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spaceJASE said...

The guy who does those specific IronMan books you posted pics of is awesome. I get his stuff whenever I see it.

I thought they canceled the IronMan movie. There was a game in the works - but it got lost in the shuffle when the movie died last year. Are they picking it up again?
Because a movie will probably suck, but an IronMan game would RULE!

And a decent Transformers game would RULE TOO!!! Who cares about the stupid humans - frickin' make it all about robots.