Thursday, April 27, 2006


Fact of Life: Looney Tunes kicks ass.

It really upsets me that Looney Tunes are no longer being played on saturday mornings. An entire generation of kids growing up without them is a travesty on our Society and Future. Those cartoons being put in front of children should be a freaking Federal Law. I've been Netflixing the old series lately and loving every single minute ot them!!! Truly brilliant stuff that are ESSENTIAL to the Mind and Soul. So today I went to add the 3rd Series and took the time to read the "about" snippet on the site. My vision went RED with furious anger as I read the last line of the description: "The compilation is intended for adults and may not be appropriate for children."

What kind of a world do we live in where LOONEY TUNES is not appropriate for children? Hey, I'm no "Ban Political Correctness" flag waver, but give me a break!!! This has gone TOO far and I am ashamed that I am apart of the generation of adults that would slap this ridiculous label on my beloved Looney Tunes. Fucking Bullshit. JIMSMASH!!!!

To the children and even young adults who have gone through life without knowing and loving Looney Tunes, on behalf of my generation, I sincerely apologize to you. The torch was passed to us from generations before and we dropped the ball and allowed it to go away.
*Apologies for all the cursing, but GODDAMN!!


Jen said...

Not Appropriate for Children????
Are they Serious.
That's so Sad
Chuck Jones would Roll Over in His Grave!!!

: (

Looney Tunes Are Pure Genius
Feed The Kitty

Mr. Legs said...

My Mom wouldn't let me or my brother watch Looney Tunes growing up. She said they were too violent.
However, my parents never got up before 11am on Saturday mornings. So...I watched them religiously.

And never once did I strap my brother to an ACME rocket. said...

The sheer kinetic energy of these cartoons represents the optimistic, yet cynical attitudes of a generation or 2 or 3 that is lost on our "modern fickle" protectionist idiot society....
May the present asshole mindset chase each other around the tree until they turn to melted butter! I say! OH was that incorrect?????

Lisa said...

This should have read "Not intended for children with bad taste." Seriously, it was fine for us, and generations before! And it's much less sexually explicit and has much less realistic violence than most of the cartoons kids watch and games kids play now. Too many kids today have bad taste, that's the problem! They couldn't handle the quality of Looney Tunes without an extra dose of Ritalin.