Tuesday, April 25, 2006


If you haven't heard the new TOOL song "Vicarious" yet, I highly recommend you seek it out! At first it sounds like a retread of Lateralus, but around 46-seconds in, it kicks into gear and becomes it's own. I can't stop listening to it!!

The new album, "10,000 DAYS", is scheduled for a May 2nd release.
Fuk yeh I'm there!

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...j... said...

I just wrote a book to jim in an e-mail about this song.....Short version is A++ for content (society condemns violence but we just can't get enough, now can we!!) B- For music originality....I mean, I have heard it even if it was from TOOL to start with.... But hey it’s TOOL so YES IT RULES!! And when the album comes out I will play “it again and again and again until my mind is locked in”...wait that’s RAGE sorry!