Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Generations grew up reading Peanuts in the Sunday paper, including my gen. Schulz was one of the great panel art storytellers of our Time! I had the pleasure of seeing many of his original pieces in a gallery show last year at the Hammer and LACMA museums of art. Seeing his work, especially his early work, up close like that was truly inspirational!! Also, it was indescribable to stand next to people in their 80s and 90s smiling from ear to ear reminiscing of when they first saw the strips in the paper! It was a life-altering experience!

Fantagraphics has been releasing The Complete Peanuts in these really neat formatted hardcover books. I haven't had a chance to pick up these cool books yet, but have flipped through them numerous times in the store and let me tell you they kick ass!!!! It's really fun to see his early drawing style and see it slowly transform into the version most of us know and love.Book 5 is scheduled for release this May. Even if you were never a big fan of The Peanuts, next time you're in a bookstore go check out some of these. They truly are really neat.


Dr. Lazarus said...

I have the first 3 books and they are wonderful. I second the recommendation!

Lisa said...

These are great! We carry them in my store. At the end of the year they put them into boxed sets of two, which are really nice and make a GREAT gift for just about anyone.