Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Alex Ross is currently doing a bi-monthly mini-series comic entitled JUSTICE over at DC Comics. It deals with all the classic Justice League characters beautifully painted as only Ross can do. And as with any Ross project, it kicks ass like you couldn't believe!! Last night I read #5, the latest issue, and I was wowed atleast 4 times!! The series just gets better and better!! I highly recommend picking it up or waiting and getting the collected book when it comes out probably next year sometime. The writing, art and storytelling is just amazing. Even if you're not a typical comic fan, I think you'd enjoy this.

One of the great things about Ross is that he nails characters down perfectly. It'll be hard to top his version of Superman as it is THE Superman as far as I'm concerned. In the back of #5 he had a page devoted to Wonder Woman. In the past, I felt he didn't quite have his ultimate WW down, but this lastest painting tells me he's finally nailed it!!! Check it out; click the image to enlarge! (The WW pic is what spawned this post).

I HIGHLY recommended these Alex Ross books you should go buy immediately, perhaps email Lisa and see if her store, Neptune Comics, has them or can get them (Support Comic Shops!!):

KINGDOM COME: Possible dark future of DC; Brilliant stuff, quite possible the best comic ever!
THE WORLD'S GREATEST SUPERHEROES: A collection of oversized comics by Ross, each chapter spotlighting one of DC's classic heroes; Supeman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Shazam, etc.
MARVELS: A look at the early days of Marvel through a reporter's camera/eye
MYTHOLOGY: A collection of drawings and paintings by Ross of DC characters; gorgeous!
TERMINATOR: BURNING EARTH: Before T2 was even an idea, this painted book came out that takes place in the future showing the final battle between John Connor and Skynet.


Anonymous said...

BRILLIANT!! I can't wait for someone to go back and re-make all those old out of date warner brothers cartoons into 3-D.

Jim said...

Is that pertaining to the Alex Ross post or the Nightmare Before Xmas one???????

Lisa said...

We do have most of those. And there's a small rumor that there's a slight chance that we could possible host an Alex Ross signing sometime this year. Keep your e-fingers crossed!

Jim said...

Holy crap, if you land an alex ross signing please let me know!!! I will then put you to work to get something signed for me. HAHAHA!

Dr. Lazarus said...

that wonder woman is fucking cool!!

spaceJASE said...

Maybe it's just me but I don't like the way Ross does metalic stuff. He's a master with organics, but it seems like metal reflections are really weird in his paintings. They seems very stylized, like in an actual comic, but that contrasts starkly with the realism of the figures otherwise. I'm never sure what is being reflected, it just seems randomly done for asthetic purposes. Sometimes it works, but somtimes it just stands out as busy-ness.

How's that for a critique from someone of far less calibur! LOL