Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Today's "Villain of the Day" is VALKRIS!!

Valkris is the 2nd FEMALE Klingon ever to be shown in the Star Trek Mythos, making her brief appearance in Star Trek III: The Search For Spock. A Klingon deep cover agent who obtained Project Genesis data and turned it over to Commander Kruge (played by Christopher Lloyd!) at a rendezvous point in space. Unfortunately, Valkris viewed the Project Genesis Data and Kruge, who was also her mate & lover, was forced to kill her.

You may find it useful.

Kruge: Then...you have seen it?

Valkris: I have , my lord
Kruge: .....Unfortunate.

Valkris: Understood...

(Why didn't he just beam her onboard? She's a Klingon Fox!)
Valkris had been chosen by her family to lead the house after her older brother Kiosan had damaged the line's reputation. Her honorable death was the capstone in her quest to restore her family name to respectability.

Also, I always thought she would have made a terrific EVIL-LYN in a He-Man movie.


Dr. Lazarus said...

whoa, i have no recollection of her at all. first you give me a arachnid fetish, now evil klingon chicks with nice racks. you're turning me into a freak of nature, here, Jim. thanks a bunch. I'm quite afraid of what's in store tomorrow!

rick9999 said...


Rod Renegade said...

You say she was the second... Who was the first female klingon?? I can't remember. I can't remember... must... try... but... can't... (gasp).

Lisa said...

Same question as Ron...
Is it B'Elanna Torres, the 1/2 Klingon from Voyager?

Jim said...

MARA was the first Female Klingon, from the Original Series.
And I swear on my comic collection I did NOT know that until I stumbled upon it looking up info for Valkris!!!!

As for B'Elanna....I don't know, I never watched that crappy show. Hahaha, kidding. Yeah, she's the Voyager one. Again, found that out on the same page as the Mara info.

Seriously. PLEASE BELIEVE ME!!!!!