Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Got some new Transformers news for the upcoming movie by Michael Bay. I have very low hopes for this live-action flick based on 3 things:
-Hollywood has a pretty strong record of fucking these things up
-Michael Bay? Uggghhhh.
-Just don't think they can pull it off. Peter Jackson, maybe....

Anyway, here are the news snippets. Despite my pessimism, these sound good for the most part:

1) They ARE auditioning the ORIGINAL voice actors for The Transformers!!!! That's not to say they WILL be cast. Bay wants to make sure their voices haven't aged too much. Cast them, DAMNIT!!!!
2) We do indeed see Cybertron!
3) There is an Optimus Prime and Megatron Fight in downtown Los Angeles!!!!!
4) Scorponok is in the movie. er, who?
5) The characters are being slightly re-designed so they won't be as "blocky". Hmmmm. Stick with the orig, people. Robots are supposed to be blocky, ya boneheads!
6) The Movie starts in Antartica with a man finding something strange in the ice. God I hope its not the AVP hidden pyramid. (yes, I'm still bitter, damnit!!!)
7) Action - "From the animatics, the action seemed to be huge and what you'd want from a movie like this. Of course, Bay's fingerprints are all over them, even at this early stage of planning. I saw fights between fully transformed Autobots and Decepticons that had them plucking lamp posts out of the ground and smashing the other with the blocky concrete end, I saw them jumping all over each other, only to be shot back by an arm cannon, I saw mid-air transformations from a Jet into a robot as it collides a standing robot in downtown LA"
8) Movie starts shooting NEXT MONTH
9) Teaser trailer comes to us July 4th
Optimus will still indeed be a Mac truck. Man, he better be the same fucking Make & Model

*thanks, Aint-It-Cool-News!


Mr. Legs said...

Ain't it cool?

This is some nifty news!

Ain't it cool?!

Jim said...


rick9999 said...

just don't eff-up Prime or Megatron! Like, Megatron sure better be a GUN and not a tank!!

link said...

Well I hope they elf-up Prime and Megatron.

pointy ears are cool.