Wednesday, November 14, 2012



After reading 'AVX: Consequences' #4 and 5, I must say I'm pretty damn excited for Cyclops' future. At the end of 'AVX', Cyclops was turned into Dark Phoenix where he murdered Xavier. After the Phoenix left him, Cyke was returned to normal, retaining the memories of his actions while possessed.  All the heroes became giant hypocrites and locked Cyclops away. The good thing is the Phoenix reignited the mutant gene and new mutants began appearing - Cyclops was right.

So anyway, in 'Consequences'... Cyclops is in prison and sneaks away some metal shavings from the prison shop, which allows him to communicate with Magneto who's on the outside.

Here are some panel excepts from 'AVX: Consequences' #4 and 5.

After the breakout, Captain America and his new lapdog Wolverine show up. The Warden informs Logan that Cyclops left him a note, which reads:

You're angry now, but I hope in time you'll understand.

The school has my best wishes and complete support. I have every faith you will teach the children in the spirit of Xavier and prepare them fo rthe better world to come.

I will keep them alive.

You urged me to be the better man. I'd like to be that. I honestly would. But when you're being the better man, I don't need to be. Instead, I can be the man who does what's necessary."

So there you have it. Wolverine and Cyclops have done a switch-a-roo! I welcome this whole heartidly. Fuck Wolverine.


GC said...

I haven't followed Marvel since Invasion but seeing this I think I'm going to easing my way back into the MARVEL universe.

KEV HARPER said...

Couldn't agree more, wolverine has become a terrible character and Cyclops has become 100 time more interesting. I also thought that about the awful Wolverine & the X-Men cartoon Cyclops was by far the star of that show while Wolverine just shuffled around being angry for no reason.

Anonymous said...

zomg!!! Magik!! I haven't followed the X's for years, because of this i'm headed to the damn comic store first thing in the am!

IsuzuGeek said...

Hmmm, Cyclops looks like Scrap Iron here...