Tuesday, November 13, 2012


This image is sweet... and would be even sweeter if it was pre-New 52. It's a nice homage to "Death in the Family" from 1988/89 when Jason Todd Robin was brutally murdered by the Joker, which effected the Bat-Mythos even to this day.

In the New 52 Continuity, Batman has only been around for 5-6 years. So when did Jason Todd become Robin and get killed by the Joker? Year 3? The New 52 Continuity makes no sense.

So is this the New 52  Batman Timeline?:
Year 1: Batman's first year out and solo. -"Batman: Year One"
Year 2: Dick Grayson Robin? -"Robin: Year One"
Year 3: Jason Todd Robin... and death? -"Death in the Family"
Year 4: Tim Drake Robin (for like a week?) -who the fuck knows.
Year 5: Damien Wayne -Grant Morrison's pre-New52 run

and then there's 1-3 Batgirls in there somewhere. Also, within those 5 years he conceived a child that is now somehow 10 or 11 years old. My brain hurts.


Anyway, I thought that was a cool cover and wanted to share.

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Side Note: Maann, they better not fucking kill Alfred in "Death of the Family". But knowing DiDio and Gang, they probably will. Jerks.

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Unknown said...

The "Robin-factor" really does present quite the proverbial fly in the buttermilk. All of the Robins would be very poorly trained, and Bruce Wayne swapping out a series of young boys who look near identical every every 9 to 12 months essentially makes him the DC equivalent of Jim McGreevey and surely raises more than a few eyebrows in Gotham... would love to see that brought up in a JLA meeting though...