Monday, February 06, 2012


via BuzzFeed:
32 years ago, a young John White didn’t see Ridley Scott’s “Alien” when it hit theaters. He read the Alan Dean Foster novelization and a “Cracked” Magazine parody, and apparently that was enough for him to piece together a graphic novel version of his own.

"Alien: Age 11" wasn't White's first attempt to recreate a sci fi blockbuster on notebook paper. Two years prior, the Ireland native put together "Star Wars: Age 9." He only recently released the first 17 pages of "Alien" online, all of which are below. More pages to come.
Holy Awesome! I want the entire movie collected into a black leather-bound hardcover with gold embossing!

See the first 17 pages HERE and/or HERE.

UPDATE: Page 18

*thanks, Richard F!


John I. White said...

Many thanks Jim! I hope you get your wish.
John I. White

Jim said...

If you sell, I shall buy :)

John I. White said...

George Lucas needs to know about you!