Thursday, March 10, 2011


I dig the biomechanical Hive and the nice spiral composition of the opening with the Queen's curving tail & body stance. The foreground "tendrils" pull me into the picture, and as my eyes seek shelter from the impending threat of the Queen, I discover a Colonial Marine has already taken my eyes' initial, instinctual hiding place. Fuck. I'd like to escape from which I came, but the red flare contains my gaze and brings me left where the foreground tendril redirects my eyes back towards the Queen. I'm trapped. But wait... if my eyes go right from the flare, I'm directed back to the hiding, armed Marine. He is my salvation...... perhaps the Queen will go for the marine first and I can make my cowardly escape...

*pic via Aliens&Predators


Locusta said...

Jim, this stunning Queen CG-painting is only hosted by Sabres via his huge Alien and Predator web-library.

The artist behind this beautiful piece is Benjamin Carré. I know and admire his work since years and he´s a fellow artist at the Hive too.

I only can insist that everybody gives his website a look:

Jim, I know that there is even more to be seen, what will make you happy ;)

I´m very glad that Benjamins work is supported here.

Anonymous said...

Wow Locusta, you weren't kidding. Thanks for the link over there, some real amazing works!

I also want to say that I think your work is amazing as well. Keep it up!