Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Here's the first pic released of Adrianne Palicki as the new WONDER WOMAN, set to debut on NBC May 16, 2011.

It looks very similar to Jim Lee's recent redesign, but with light blue pants & sans jacket.I love Wonder Woman and, like with many other properties, am always waiting for that definitive version to be put forth... but alas, that's almost never the case. Much of my griping stem from that disappointment of not seeing a worthy interpretation to the Character & their potential for greatness....

With this new Wonder Woman show, and based only on the above pic & a few press release snippets, so far my main beef is the casting choice. To me, she just doesn't look the part as DIANA. But then again, this is probably a "reboot" of the campy 70s television series, which is what most Americans know of Wonder Woman.... and while I loved me some Lynda Carter Wonder Woman, she wasn't the best Diana either.... but worked well within the tone the creators went for; campy. From the late-60s to the late-80s, most Americans saw Batman as the campy Adam West version... its the same thing here,

One of the reasons why I'm not a fan of Greg Land's work is that his figures do not look like the CHARACTERS but instead look like Super Models dressed up in Cosplay Costumes. I get the same reaction here... Palicki does not look like WONDER WOMAN... she looks like she's ready for Cosmo photo shoot.... or selling a WW Halloween costume.
In the end, I'm not digging this new version and probably won't watch the show past the pilot (which I'll check out simply for curiousity sake). Its also not being aimed at me anyway. So me fanboy-whining is even more irrelevant than usual.

Who knows, maybe it will be fun. Wonder Woman seems to be one of those near-impossible characters to get "right".... outside the various animation incarnations the past 15 years, that is. But I'm glad to see her live-action return in Mainstream Pop Culture.

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Timewaster said...

I read the script - the costume is the least of this show's problems. I just don't know who this is aimed at.

Citizen Justice said...

I never saw the 70's Wonder Woman show until I got the dvds earliear this year... I've pretty much fallen in love with the character oer the past few months. The first season in world war 2 is so good. Second season in the 70s is pretty good too. (Haven't gotten to the 3rd season yet, I heard it drops off... ) Any way, the costume was pretty rad, and looks like an outfit from a circus act or musical... This new one reminds me alot of weird "badgirl" art from the 90s and/or a strip club... and not ever a classy burlesque joint.

I don't really have a solution on how to fit Wonder Woman into a realistic setting... except maybe giving her a classy warrior costume like a glamourous xena... but even that is hard.

I'm curious what they'll do with Dianna Prince. The 70's show is super wacky, and the supporting cast has this funny thing where they never realize that Wonder Woman is the same person as their super amazing friend Dianna, but beyond sillyness, I would like to see Wonder Woman with out a secret identity, and working as an ambassador to paradise island.
This wole thing is so problematic... I hope what eve they do is good, and I hope she isn't some wacky ally mcbeal type business woman by day, hootchie wonder woman by night.

Anonymous said...

yeeaah, not the greatest, and definitely feeling ya on the "WW costume look-a-like" thing going on, but it's not the WORST. ...could've been someone REALLY LAME in the costume, such as that dumb chick who bred w/ Tom Cruise, the skinny little overrated Buffy chick, or any number of the "rumored" FAILS.

having said that, it's kinda sad when Hollywood shows its' "creative anemia" by not finding a good way to work SHORTS into the damn design. i mean, if there's alot of trouble w/ just THAT, then i can only imagine what kind of massive holes the "plot" will have.

eh, it's only tv. plot holes the size of the Grand Canyon is "good enough for tv", as sad as THAT is.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim! My eagle eye noticed the GOLD STARS running down the sides of both legs in the new costume. hard to see unless you get one of the large resolution pics floating around out there. the producer and writers have compared it to Sex and the City, so right away, all the fan boys should know up front we are not the audience, like you said. this one is for fan girls and teen girls to watch. the fan boys just drool on the sidelines. personally if this new wonder woman can kick ass and stay classy somehow in that outfit like Linda Carter did the character can inspire another generation of girls to be strong and that they can be super heroes too. and that's okay right?

Jim said...

Exactly - "Classy".

That's the hope.

Much like Superman, Wonder Woman should be an inspirational character for both girls and boys.

This pic looks like "drool-pinup".

Anonymous said...

when i think of Wonder Woman,..the last thing I think of is SEX and the City,...
- this is gonna suck,..way to cheapen a strong Female character Hollywood,..way to go.....