Thursday, November 02, 2006


CasualSlack is making me (heh) participate in this week's THURSDAY 13, which is 13 random facts about myself:

1) I LOVE comic books.

2) I hate cigarettes.

3) Gimmie stories of the fantastical and imaginative over stories of that are reality based.

4) I have 1 tattoo; on back, of my [Japanese] Family Crest.

5) I have "bone issues": I can't stand seeing/touching bone [underneath] the skin. *shiver*

6) My all-time fav movie is ALIENS (and a borderline obession with the series)

7) My job consists of a minumum 10-11 hour work day. *sigh*

8) Punk over Prep.

9) I could live off of Pizza and Chinese Food.

10) I LOATHE washing dishes by hand (did it for 26 yrs - no more!)

11) When I was 4, the tip of my left index finger was cut off by a car door (but was surgically put back, whew!)

12) Cold/gray/rainy days are better than warm/bright/sunny.

13) I love making lists and catagorizing.

Gimmie yours in the Comments section.

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Homie Bear said...

Just random facts, eh?
1. Since I just used "eh" you can tell I'm Canadian.
2. Because I work in a coal mine, when I blow my nose it comes out black.
3. I also will take fantastical and imaginative stories over more reality-based ones, and love to write those types of things.
4. Four tattoos- a maple leaf with '97' in it to commemorate when I hitch-hiked across Canada, a big stylized Fell Beast from LOTR to commemorate a trip to New Zealand, my Chinese name (since I went to China) and a bear tattoo because I love bears.
5. My wife said to say I'm a good dancer when I'm drunk.
6. The name Homie Bear comes from a hiking trip up in the Yukon and Alaska.
7. My favorite hockey team is the Edmonton Oilers and has been since I was very small.
8. I would have a hard time naming you the current champs of the other major North American sports. St. Louis won the Series, right?
9. I was arrested once when I was 19, celebrating a World Series win for Toronto.
10. I can't stand to have my neck touched.
11. I was recently smashed in the face with a large metal object at work, and it hardly fazed me.
12. Sometimes grizzly bears wander the mine property where I work, and I have to remember to watch for them, as well as wolves and cougars, when I am alone at night.
13. My facorite person in the world is my wife. I like her better than bears.