Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I was into them as a child (3rd grade?)...
Series 2 was where I started collecting, lasting perhaps until Series 4 or 5. Then I left all that kid crap behind and began my growth into the mature adult you know and love today.

Click here to see em all!
Click on the bottom images of Card Packages for each series.

Man, I really wish I still had my GPK cards/stickers! Just looking at those images again makes my teeth hurt from that hard pink gum and my nose hairs burn from the smell of the gum powder. Unfortunately they are now considered "highly collectible" and in order for me to get those series once again, I'll have to shell out some bank. Boooo.
* The fine folks behind GPK were also the ones behind WACKY PACKS! Those were a bit before my time, but my ever-so-slightly older friends were into them and have actually gone mad crazy with buying the NEW ones they've brought back!


Anonymous said...

I loved GPK. Mine was Acne Amy. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

Icky! GPK made me, LITERALLY, sick to my stomach. I was a bully in elementary school (I know, I know...go figure!) and whenever anyone had them near me, I would snatch them, tear them up, and throw them in the GARBAGE where they BELONG!

P.S. I did have ONE that was a cute puppy...the one diamond-in-the-rough!