Thursday, December 01, 2005


Much like the Terminator itself, the Terminator franchise is damn hard to kill. It's been confirmed that Jonathan Mostow (T3) will direct TERMINATOR 4.

Apparently, T4 is a restart for the series, and doesn't feature Schwarzenegger's terminator (thank god for that atleast). I've heard rumors that The Rock will be the next Terminator. Ok with me as long as he has NO lines & doesn't do his stupid eyebrow thing.

*sigh* Do we really need another Terminator movie? T2 was pushing it and I let it slide because of the great James Cameron action and the cool liquid metal T-1000. But T3 was atrocious and downright unwatchable at this point. I swear, if time travel is involved, I'm going on a rampage. Why not just cast Stallone in the role and be done with it. Or how about a REMAKE?!!
Stop milking good material to death!!!!
ugh - JIMSMASH!!

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wst... said...

we agree; t2 was pushing it. also we agree with ya that the fx saved it. we'll venture that the guns n roses tie-in helped too. we havent seen t3 yet but know it will be in replay hell on usa, sci-fi or tnt before long.