Friday, December 09, 2005


When I was a kid, the only comic shop at the time was COLLECTOR'S CORNER, in MD. It had a lot of backissues and a cool feel to it. Sure, the owner's were kind of cold and weird, and the backissues were WAY overpriced - but it was still a cool shop for a 10yr old. *

Anyway, the high walls of CC were covered in all sorts of cool comic posters. There were always a handful I always dug and to this day, wish I had bought. So, if anyone out there ever sees one of these for sale, let me know!
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* MARVEL UNIVERSE - by Buscema??? - I have a small litho reprint of this, but I really want the BIG one.
* WOLVERINE - by Frank Miller, from the kick ass mini-series. Remember when both Wolverine (Brown/Orange costume!!!) and Ninjas were cool?
* SHEHULK - by Joe Jusko. Don't know why, but always dug this one. And no, its not a sexual thing, butthead.
* ALIENS - from the Dark Horse Mini-Series (series 1). The great series was the first thing outside of the Movie itself. And so continued my ALIENS obsession.
* PUNISHER - by Mike Zeck, from the miniseries! At 12 yrs old, this was one of the coolest images ever! I had this poster.... hmmm, maybe its up in my folks' attic. . .
* ALIENS - from the movie. I love how the head and back tubes look in this pic.

again, if anyone sees any of these for sale, either buy em for me!! heh Or email me!!!!
* Around the age of 13, I found a much better place, BRAINSTORM COMICS in Frederick, MD - which is still around and I revisit when I visit my folks.

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Jason said...

I loved the covers from The Punisher mini-series as a kid. Back when I started collecting(around 1990), these issues sold at like $40 each. Being 11-12 at the time, I didn't have cash like that to spare. I now own all 5 issues. It's funny because the first 4 say in a 4 issue mini series. Then there's the 5th one, which says, #5 in a 5 issue mini series.