Thursday, December 01, 2005


Woo Hoo! Ducktales came in the mail yesterday from Netflix!
I was stoked - it was a fav afterschool show of my youth.
Unfortunately, it doesn't hold up. I couldn't finish a single episode and finally gave up and just returned the 2 discs.

A piece of my childhood died last night. Seeing it now just destroys what's in my memory banks. So I think I'll keep the memories instead.

It really shows what state-of-mind I was in high school... er, um, I mean in elementary school, yeah, that's the ticket. The theme song still kicks ass, though: (this one's for you, Sheshe!!)

Life is like a hurricane
Here in Duck - burg
Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes
It's a duck - blur!
Might solve a mystery,
Or rewrite history!
Ducktales! (a - whooh ooh)

.....and so on.

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