Monday, September 01, 2008


Back in May, I did a quick post about ACTION COMICS #868 and it's unoriginal designs for Brainiac. In addition to some other influences, I called attention to THE MATRIX designs (originally created by comic artist Geof Darrows).
Well, in the latest issue of Action Comics, the Matrix "Influence" was flat out ripping off. I'm a big fan of penciller GARY FRANK and he's doing some of his best work currently in the pages of Action. But good grief, man.... how about some original designs? Use that imagination of yours!

Despite the above annoyance, I do recommend picking up the comic. Writer Geoff Johns and penciller Gary Frank came onboard the title a few months ago with #858 and have turned the book into one of my favorites. The LEGION arc was fan-tas-tic! Plus, Frank's Superman at times evokes Christopher Reeve's Superman, which makes me giddy.

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Anonymous said...

WTF? That's pretty lame of Frank.