Tuesday, September 09, 2008


There's a new BATMAN BEYOND figure coming out in the DC UNIVERSE CLASSICS SERIES 4 lot. The UNMASKED version is exclusive to KB STORES.

I'm a sucker for that costume but I doubt I'll pick this one up.... the beefed up physique and super-angry face doesn't do it for me... although, I'm also a sucker for "Unmasked Batman" imagery.... crap, double geek suckered.

hmm, now that I think about it, that angry face looks like the "Fear Gas Induced Scary Batman" from Batman Begins.

...and here's some xtra Batman Beyond imagery goodness: Ed McGuinness' art inspired figure, Batman Beyond Animated figures, Inside the Beyond Batmobile, and some Alex Ross Batman Beyond lovin.


Genevieve Lopez said...

Isn't beefed up Batman Beyond kind of missing the point?? I thought the newer, younger Batman didn't have to take 'roids, because the technology had advanced to the point that anyone could really be Batman, but that he had the character and dedication required to make Batman a worthwile crimefighting figure? Not to mention that it kind of ruins the streamlined design aesthetic of the character and the show itself?

...Or am I thinking too deeply with my nerdery? MOAR MUSCLES PLZ WOOOOOOOOOOO

Jim said...

Nope, you nailed it.

Anonymous said...

Stallone should be Terry in the Batman Beyond movie! Just look at that physique!

Anonymous said...

Um, I was joking btw. In reference to your "Frank Miller wants Sly to be Dark Knight Returns Batman".