Thursday, September 18, 2008



Anonymous said...

It's like "Match Game" with Admiral Ackbar as host. IT'S A TRAP!

Anonymous said...

This blog is the best and consistently entertaining! how do you do it, Jim? Do you have staff or just you? Jim Smash rules!

Jim said...

wow, thanks for the kind words, JSFan! I try to have fun and in turn hope anyone who reads JimSmash! does the same. No staff... just me. I'm simply that much of a dork! :)

Jim said... more thing... while I don't have a staff and I am the sole person running JimSmash!, many of the great posts are from JimSmash! Readers who send me links! So in some regards, JimSmash! is a community of sorts, all geeking out together! Thank you to everyone/anyone who's sent me fun stuff!