Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Man, GALACTUS is getting NO RESPECT of late. First he's turned into a swarm of mechanical locusts in the Ultimate Universe, then he's turned into a giant storm cloud in the shitty movie.
In the "Regular Marvel Universe", he's been captured and turned into a giant living battery not once, but TWICE; "Annihilation" and Mark Millar's current Fanturdstic Four.
Seriously, WTF?!!

and on a side note.... does Millar have ANY original ideas? Usually he just takes concepts from movies and repackages them into nice over-praised, over-rated juvenile fan fiction. But this... he's copying something from Annihilation writers Abnett & Lanning. Anyone else feel the same about Millar's writing?

This lack-of- knowledge of the character and disrespect really pisses me off. So, for further commentary on said Galactus dissing....

I give you Guest Smasher MR. GRAYSON:
OK class... let's gather round. First off, Galactus is a being older than our known universe. He is not “ a giant dude in a purple suit”. He is, in essence a force of nature, a GOD of sorts. He refers to Death as his “sister” and Eternity (the living embodiment of the Universe) as his “brother”. Galactus possesses cosmic power beyond the ability for humans to measure*. He commands vasts amount of power (when at full strength it is unquantifiable). The more rudimentary ones being the transmutation of elements, conversion of matter, and reconstruction of elements on a molecular level. He doesn't just throw “energy blasts”. This is the being who gave Silver Surfer a minute fraction of his own power, and in turn, made the Surfer into an unstoppable agent through out the universe. THEN when he took away all but a fraction of that power, the surfer's strength still rivaled that of the Hulk, and he was still one of the most powerful beings in the universe. He created Morg, who held off, The Silver Surfer, Fire Lord, Airwalker and Nova. This is the guy who snuffed Ultron out without even paying attention,...it was an after thought. (as Doom himself put it..”we are ants compared to Galactus”). He IS POWER. The only time he was ever defeated in physical combat was when he had depleted all of his energy and was in essence dying..... and then it STILL took the combined efforts of The Fantastic Four, The Avengers (Thor, Cap and Iron Man included) and Doctor Strange to beat him. When he was at his average power level..the combined might of Earths Heroes couldn't stop him. They were only able to destroy his machine that converted matter into energy. (see SECRET WARS) The fact that Galactus was made into a “battery” not once... but now twice... is fucking ridiculous and just bad writing. To “capture” Galactus, is like me trying to capture a black hole. He would simply absorb anything around him to feed himself (ships and all life forms included)

"I am GALACTUS! I am POWER beyond POWER. KNOWLEDGE which is beyond For all your vaunted strength, you are but a fading shadow of my cosmic THOUGHT!ALL!"

--Mr. Grayson.


Anonymous said...

agree with all of the above. big gw rule. cant beleave marvel doing this sh**.

Anonymous said...

screw you, marvel. that's some serious bullshit there.