Tuesday, September 23, 2008


...Because the dark veil feels slightly lifted....

METALLICA's new album "Death Magnetic" is actually... dare I say... good?

After TWO decades of painfully tragic decline, I had completely written off the band... especially after "St Anger". Much like Tolkein's Nazgul, the mighty had fallen and become twisted mockeries of their former selves. And I mourned them.

Then last week, someone let me borrow "Death Magnetic", which was released 9/12/08. Its almost like a "lost album" between "And Justice For All" and "The Black Album"; not as thrash as their glory days, but not quite as mainstream as "Black".

If you too were once a Metallica fan but ran for the hills during these past dark years.... give it a listen... is Napster still around?


Anonymous said...

Agree, its pretty good!

Anonymous said...

I like it better than the black album. best metallica since master???