Friday, September 26, 2008


Have you purchased your PLUSH DAGGIT yet? You know... DAGGIT... the "dog" from the 1970s BATTLESTAR GALACTICA... the one that was actually a chimp in a suit. I think the Plush Daggit should have a zipper on it which reveals a PLUSH CHIMP inside. Why am I not working for a Geek Toy Merchandising Think Tank?

Anyway, the Plush Daggit comes with a pull-string for audio goodness.

Oh, and check out THIS site where someone showcases their many Plush Daggis. Warning: Kinda scary.

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Fraser Lovatt said...

You are a genius -- you have just started the world's best toy line.

How about a model Huey from Silent Running with a amputee figure inside?

Now I think of it, I'm actually surprised Lucas hasn't licensed an R2D2 action figure with a little Kenny Baker in it.