Friday, September 26, 2008


Some "Justice League" peeps showed up on Smallville last week. I normally don't watch the show, but found myself tuning in for a few minutes because of the JL gueststars.

I really like their take on GREEN ARROW. Since his debut back in Season 6, I've thought he could sport his on spin-off show, mini-series or special. He and Lex really bring alot to the show. (apparently Lex isn't on the show anymore? pffff)

I'm a big fan of AQUAMAN and get tired of all the jokes. I understand why the jokes are there, but it just reinforces my opinion that the character has never been handled with respect. In keeping with history, the WB/CW casts some uninteresting chode. What a blown great opportunity; to bring Aquaman to the screen and make him awesome. bah! I do applaud them with keeping his costume color scheme in place. Sweet.

Regarding BLACK CANARY's appearance.... eh, whatever. While I appreciate them giving some exposure to Dinah, I guess I'm still recovering from that awful BIRDS OF PREY adaptation a few years back.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know who that guy is playing Aquaman, but if Marvel's serious about trying again on Daredevil, they should look to him.

I don't know how good of an actor he is, because I don't watch Smallville - sorry, but the adventures of Superman, but without the Big Red S? Not interested - BUT...he has the body type, all you gotta do is slap some red sunglasses on him for Matt Murdock.

Give him a proper Daredevil outfit made out of the same light, thin, form-fitting material as this Aquaman costume, and he'd be good to go.