Tuesday, September 02, 2008


This is from JimSmash Reader "Andrew R" who emails, "This is a studio promo pic for Boris Karloff's "The Mummy" set side by side with Land's tracing. If you google image search "Karloff mummy" you'll see it in the first ten or so hits. I flipped it horizontally and rotated it to match Land's tracework."

Thanks, Andrew R! I've also added this pic to the larger posting which includes other Greg Land swipes, recycles and tracings HERE. That link is also always to the right under "LINKS", below the Eye.


allen etter said...

Why is he still employed?

Anonymous said...

because his books unfortunately sell.

Genevieve Lopez said...

...I'm actually going to go dig up some of this guy's work that I've had kicking around on my hard drive and on some websites I frequent, because after I just started to get into western comics, him and his vile traced porno shit nearly ended all that.