Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Saw this over at Andrew's blog, which peed all over my childhood. Thanks alot, Andrew.
Side note, I happened to watch while listening to Metallica's "All Nightmare Long".
It contributed to the experience quite nicely.


Scott King said...

I didn't realize Greg Land had worked as a Disney animator.

Genevieve Lopez said...

...I didn't realize you guys didn't know this. Not only was a lot of animation reused, most of it was rotoscoped, too. Have you seen the high-speed film captures they did of water to use as reference for the "Drip Drip Drop Little April Shower" scene in Bambi? They've been reusing that for years, too...

I think it cheapens the entire product and makes it more apparent that Disney is a company out to not only screw you out of money but also to target your wallet via your children, BUT that the animation is beautiful and a grand accomplishment either way (and it's only cheapened a little, considering what else was available at the time up through the 90s). Also worth noting is that for Lilo and Stitch the animators were instructed specifically to not rotoscope... I can't speak for anything else because I haven't seen all the DVDs even though I have VHSes still kicking around.

Jim said...

Scott - HA!

Genevieve - I knew Disney rotoscoped, that's nothing new. I also knew they recycled animation, but thought it was more like walk-cycles and such - not entire sequences like that.

Anonymous said...

Incidentally, days after seeing this, I just came across an explanation (and I wasn't even looking)

It seems Disney was near broke when they made Robin Hood so they traced over old films such as Aristocats, Snow White and The Jungle Book. Robin Hood did well it seems so they could do better after that.

Anonymous said...

robin hood is one of my all time favorite disneys. what's better than the snake blowing up a balloon around his head (hey, helium breath!) and too-kah, too-kah, too-kah, too-kah, too-kah'n around the archery contest to spy?

that's one of my favorite sounds/scenes of all time.