Wednesday, September 24, 2008


"What the fuck am I looking at, here?!"

That's the question I asked when seeing the above pictures. So I did some research.

The character is Ahsoka Tano , Anakin's padawan in the 3D Clone Wars movie that no one watched. Hey, real quick - how does Anakin have a padawan if he's not a Master yet? Anyway.... the green turd in her hands is Jabba's baby son, Rotta. And apparently she affectionately nicknames the child "stinky" because (again, apparently) the Hutt species give off a characteristic stench. The McDonald's logo is from me... it just reminded me of those annoying "I'm lovin' it" ads with skinny, smiling, "hip" teenagers eating garbage after school. Where was I? Oh yeah, Lucas is the Devil.


Anonymous said...


Andrew Glazebrook said...

THIS would be better in that back pack !! Jeez Star Wars is so shit these days isn't it !!??

Fraser Lovatt said...

I never bothered with this steaming bowel movement of a film, so I was shocked to see in your post that the writers lazily made Rotta as Jabba's son. Because, you know, everything has to be connected and recycled and a new character would just be too much effort. Unbelievable.

Mind you, it's not as bad as "hiding" Luke Skywalker by leaving him on his father's planet, with his 'uncle'. "Yeah, but Darth Vader didn't know he had kids."

We he might if one of them STILL USED THE SAME SURNAME when he was with his uncle.

Apologies if this is the 173,531th time this same rant has been posted up on the interweb today. It's the coffee, you know.

Jim said...

No apologies necessary, Fraser. Let it out... let it all out... together, we may one day heal.

Anonymous said...

I want to cry and punch Lucas. WHY WHY WHY?! Oh god, it hurts so much.