Thursday, September 04, 2008


Here is a new kit by Narin. He does some kickass work, like THIS ONE that I actually bought (and still need to assemble/paint). Anyway, this new kit is pretty cool, too, using the creature design from ALIENS.... hmm, with some of the organic/non-biomech treatment found in the post-Aliens designs.

The thing is... I love the idea of the two creatures interacting with one another.... I flipped out when Dark Horse Comics first did it back in '90.... but man am I tired of always seeing the Alien getting killed. Come on, man! Let's have some kickass statues of the Alien taking down the predator!!

Really, I could care less about the Predator(s). I just want cool Alien stuff. I'd almost consider getting this kit and just throwing away the Predator. Almost.

Narin, please start making ALIEN kits!!!

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Anonymous said...

In fandom, the Alien gets no respect. Bullshit.