Friday, September 05, 2008


Jim Lee is handling the cover art chores for DC's "TRINITY" #13-15. Looks like they fight the CRIME SYNDICATE (yay more Multiverse stuff..sigh) and based on the covers, possibly have sex with them.

Its always a treat to see Lee draw the "Big Three", and this time we also get the Crime Syndicate, too! JIM LEE ULTRA-MAN!!! Why couldn't Lee be doing the interior art? Bah.

Recommended Crime Syndicate:
JLA: EARTH-2 by Grant Morrisson & Frank Quitely
As with all my comic recommendations,
contact LISA'S "NEPTUNE COMICS","GOLDEN APPLE COMICS" or your local comic shop to find your copy today!

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Lisa said...

I'll tell ya why he can't do interiors. All Star Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder. One issue per year. Need I say more?