Friday, August 29, 2008


In 2003 and 2004, JIM LEE tackled DC's two big boys; SUPERMAN and BATMAN. The above images are from his first issue of each character. Since then, Lee's imagery has been revisited a couple times.... check em out:
Superman #204, Jim Lee Superman Statue, Ad for DCU Online.
Batman #608, Jim Lee Batman Statue, "Batman: Gotham Knight" dvd
What I found interesting was DC using Jim Lee's artwork/imagery to sell other products... only because that was one of the reasons for the mass artists exodus from Marvel in the 90s that led to the formation of Image Comics. Many of the Image Founding Members were upset that Marvel was using their artwork for Tshirts, posters and other products without giving any residuals to the artists themselves. Now, I realize this is a completely different scenario and circumstances (one being Jim Lee is in partnership with DC).
No smashing here... merely thinking outloud.

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