Tuesday, August 05, 2008


During the lows of the 90s, Rob Liefeld's "Extreme Studios" tried to cash-in on the annoying "Bad Girl" fad with his classy crossover "BABEWATCH". In Babewatch, the main male characters of Liefeld's Universe were turned into scantily clad women.

Well, someone over at Marvel must have been a huge fan because Marvel is currently having their own "Babewatch" of sorts....
Wolverine now has a girl teenage clone (X-23), Ultron became a naked doppleganger of the Wasp, Loki is now a woman, the new Kraven the Hunter is a young girl, Ed Brubaker is about to introduce Lady Bullseye and worst of the worst..... in the recent X-Men Legacy, Mr Sinister is now MS. SINISTER (Ms Jackson, if you're nasty).

Seriously, WTF?

Am I alone in hating this trend? It seems like many of Today's writers think pulling a gender-swap is equivalent to creating new, original ideas. How about creating NEW characters instead? I suppose that would require IMAGINATION and CREATIVITY.
Marvel used to be "The House of Ideas".... what happened? In addition to the past 10yrs of stories being rehashes of 80s What If...? stories, they are now unleashing the mini-series "MARVEL APES". I liked it better 10 years ago when DC Comics did it with JLAPE:

Come on Marvel......

Not that DC is bursting with original ideas, either. They have an entire section of their Universe made up of teenage counterparts of just about every single DC hero; the current TEEN TITANS being the worst.


Over the past year or so, there's been a common theme running through BOTH Marvel and DC; OFFSPRING of popular main characters. In just the past 12 months, we now have BATMAN's son (Damian), WOLVERINE'S son (Daken), HULK's son (Skaar) and SUPERMAN's "son" (Christopher.... really Zod/Ursa's son)....

...not to mention the characters in YOUNG AVENGERS and RUNAWAYS, whose cast includes the children of heroes and villains. (Honestly, I'm shocked they weren't the sexy teenage DAUGHTERS of those characters).

Has it come to this?

Are Today's [employed] writers truly out of original ideas?


Mr.Grayson said...


another jimmy said...

give up on the comic books already. the companies only see their customers as sucker buffoons. and the people who shrug and purchase are just that.

Greg Manuel said...

...and yet, there seems to be no room for Baby May Parker. How 'bout someone explain that one, huh?

Colin and Greg said...

I've been pitching to Dark Horse for years telling them not to miss out on this cash cow..

Teen AvP...
Chestburster with braces..
Acne Predator..
come on this writes itself.

Maybe the aliens that came out of the pregnant ladies from AVP2, cause I wouldn't want to mess up continuity.

Timewaster said...

Re-read the link to the old article on Marvel ripping off their "What If" stories. At the end, you jokingly suggested Marvel rip off their old "What If The Punisher Became Captain America?"

Guess they really were listening to you!

Lisa said...

I think the creators are all similar in demographics to us. They are now have their own families - much like you have. I think this has them adding children to the stories of the characters they are creating.

That and they are not sure how to keep the legacy of comic books alive for the next generation and may be trying to add some youth to the stories in order to get youth to read them.

Sucker Buffoon said...

hey "another jimmy", comics are part of the entertainment industry and that industry is in the business of making money. Just like movies, television and novels. so have you given up on them as well? because they have the same outlook on their customers.

If anything, be frustrated with those fans who buy into the garbage. My voice is my wallet.

Don't give up on the medium entirely because of some bad apples. There are some top-notch comics being published today with readers in mind.

Must it be "ALL OR NOTHING"?

Like I said, if you're going to give up on comic books because of the above reasoning, then you should also stop watching movies, tv and reading novels.

Broad generalizing is the language of buffoons.

another jimmy said...

another buffoon, you make vague sense at best. we are talking about comics, not your larger entertainment industry. if other areas of entertainment were as weak as comic books currently are (and they may very well be), i'd be equally as critical/cynical.

my broad generalization paints the comic industry as it is. yes, inbetween the cracks of inane dumbed-down funnies there are great things, but when the mainstream of titles are as poor as what our main jim showcased, i feel i can paint with as broad a stroke as i can reach. i want desperately to read a great pure spiderman comic again. x-men too. there aren't any - just gimmicks and publicity stunts.

you said your voice is your wallet. mine too. why are we debating the same point?

Sucker Buffoon said...

Another Jimmy,

Perhaps I misread your initial tone. I read it as attacking and namecalling all of us current fans who are buying comics. Like Jim(Smash) I too am frustrated with many of the current books but do not feel I am a sucker buffoon because I still read comics. That is why I felt you were "broad generalizing"

So yeah, I suppose we are in agreement.

But wait, you didn't like "One More Day?" ;) haha, ugh!

Olive branch extended.

Jim said...


johnny said...

fanboys love to argue on messageboards. on blogs, it appears, as well! :P

Mr. Greyson said...

well, I've been so fed up and frustrated with all of the re-hashed movie/tv/comic ideas, unimaginative/hack artwork, writers who only know form and structure, with no real knowledge of the world other than their small sphere of influence, and the hour special they might catch at midnight on the learning channel (let alone any knowledge of the titles/characters they are writing for), Comics slow transition from being a creative medium unto themselves to being dumbed downed, glorified storyboards, and the use of gender swap/"lets give them a child" as a "great idea/storyline", that I actually am dropping comics all together.

-even though JIM doesn't believe me.


Deadbeat74 said...

Does anyone remember Lady Punisher?

Enough with the rehashing inparticular the Ultimate and All Star lines!