Monday, August 04, 2008


In honor of my first born's arrival, I give you
JimSmash's Top 22 Babies!


* KAL-EL (Superman The Movie)

* 2001: SPACE ODYSSEY Baby

* ELORA DANAN (Willow) - "Wiiiil-il-illl-ooo-www...."

* MEARTH: Son of Mork! (Jonathan Winters on Mork & Mindy)

* CONAN (from "Conan: Born on the Battlefield" comic)

* CHESTBURSTER (Alien) - Are you surprised?

* ROSEMARY'S BABY - "What did you do to his eyes?!!"

* EWOK BABY (Return of the Jedi) - Regardless of Ewok hatred, you have to admit they are cute.

* TOBY (Labyrinth) - "You remind me of the babe What babe? The babe with the power.What power? Power of voodoo.Who do? You do.Do what? Remind me of the babe!"

* CUB (Lone Wolf & Cub) - Beware, he will pee on your head

* VISITOR LIZARD BABY (V mini-series)

* LUKE & LEIA (Revenge Of The Sith) - just for you, Andrew ;)

* ALIEN MAGGIE SIMPSONS (Treehouse of Horror)

* JEN & KIRA GELFLINGS (Dark Crystal) - Dreamfasting montage

* STRIPE MOGWAI (Gremlins) - Lord of the Loogie

* ZAMMIS (Enemy Mine) - "Zammis have four five."

* MINILLA, SON of GODZILLA - Godzookie!!!

* MILO, aka CAESAR (Escape From Planet of the Apes)

* HARRY POTTER - the boy who lived

* BABY HELLBOY - likes Baby Ruth

* LARVAE BABY, SON OF BRUNDLE-FLY (The Fly) - nightmare sequence

* "HARDCORE INTERNET BABY" - seen in numerous photoshop contests!


Charnock said...

Didn't even make the top 22 huh..

My toys are off limits.

crookymike said...

What about the Dawn of the Dead zombie baby? That was pretty cool

Jim said...

Silly Charnock, you are on a list all by yourself. To put you with the others would be an insult to you.

Crookymike, I had thought about it but decided it was a bit too fucked up for my new-parent-joy-wave I'm currently riding, heh. But yeah, zombie baby!!!!!

Lisa said...

Oh Yeah!!!
MEARTH: Son of Mork! (Jonathan Winters on Mork & Mindy)

dr lazarus said...

Great post, Jim! And congrats again!