Friday, August 22, 2008


Capital One has a fun commercial airing right now playing off of the themes of Batman with.... THE ARMADILLO!!!! It's pretty fun and I must say I love the costume! Plus, he can roll up into a ball for defense! haha! I want more; tv series and toyline.

Blogger sucks and won't let me embed the spot... so click HERE to watch it.
I'm thinking crossover special with THE TICK.


DanO said...

Capital One commercials always have exceptional special efx and what looks like huge production costs.
They're funny, but I hope most people have the sense to ask: if they can blow that much money on commercial budgets, think of how much money they are making off credit cards. Great commercials, but I wouldn't want them in charge of my interest rates...ever again.

I remember when they did the viking commercials all of the production for those was done in Europe(to escape SAG rules) and they dubbed the voices. I wonder if they still make all of their commercials over there...

Lisa said...

You’ve been tagged!

chad peters said...

OK I run a chiropractic office called armadillo sport chiropractic - I need to find that costume for functions, on event locations etc. my god that'd be hilarious - any help???? that has intern written all over it.

any help would be thankful