Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Whoa... just caught an infommercial for a hearing aid being sold by Lee Majors! Not only is he selling it, but its actually called "LEE MAJORS' BIONIC EAR"!!!! Hahaha, YES!!! And its rechargeable!

You can buy it for yourself HERE (and watch the ad).
It's just $14.95 plus 3 easy installments of $49.95.

"It won't cost $6 Million, but you'll think it's worth it!"
* I know a certain someone who has a geeky weapons collection who must buy this.


Bionic Fan said...

I grew up on 6 Million Dollar Man and seriously want to buy this. Someone distract my wife while I order....

Anonymous said...

I had a $900 Miracle Ear Hearing which finally died a few months ago. I just got the Bionic Ear last week, and it works great. I was amazed, since I figured that for the money, it probably was no good. Since it had a 90 day return policy , I counted on sending it back if it didn't work. This is a keeper.

Jim said...


Anonymous said...

My father just got thie Lee Major's Bionic Ear and I must tell you this ear works so much better than the ones that he spent 5,000 per ear. Yes I said $5,000 per ear.
My father enjoys all the sounds and can hear people talking to him and is not constantly asking what was said.
The fact that it recharges also is a big plus for sure.the old hearing aids required him to replace the batteries every 10 days. this was a very hard task for him and me both. in fact even one of them broke while it was being changed. This Bionic ear has been the best investment ever.
I'm so happy that you created it.
thanks so much.

Jeanne Ward said...

What I am so surprise in this thing. I never thought that there is this kind of hearing aid. I can't wait to read more about this stuff.

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rik massey said...

It's funny that the commercial never mentions the 3 payments of $49.The elderly most likely will pay the initial $14.95 thinking it's paid in full and not realize the $49 payment charge for the next three month....MISLEADING SALES PRACTICE TARGETING THE ELDERLY who likely won't notice.