Wednesday, August 13, 2008


After searching for numerous years, I finally found a copy of NIGHTWING: ROUGH JUSTICE Tpb! It's 1 of 4 collected editions of Scott McDaniel's run on the comic.

For some reason, THIS volume is out of print and cannot be found anywhere; online, conventions, stores across the country during my travels... I even looked for it while in Paris!On the super rare occassion it was found, its priced waaay up. For example, Google Shopping shows 2 copies available by other small stores - for $169 and $340!

But on a lark, I found a used copy online JUST as it was listed, for $20. Score!

You must understand, this is a big deal for a nerd such as I. You see, on my shelf were the other 3 collected editions. As a total fanboy, that gaping hole in the collection would stare at me daily.... mocking me... yelling at me.... torturing me. If you're a huge dork like me, you know of the "Gaping Hole In The Collection" of which I speak and the horrors it can inflict upon your comic soul. So yay for Jimmy!

Now I need to find the HARDCOVER edition of Dark Horse's CONAN, by Busiek & Cord. It's absence on my shelf is KILLING ME!!!

....which reminds me....
hey, TimeWaster! Any luck?!! hehehe

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RED said...

Oh, I have the 4 TPs on perfect, I feel so happy for it.