Tuesday, August 19, 2008

CROC MASTER ! ! ! ! !

Ha! One of the upcoming 25th Anniversary GIJOE figures is CROC MASTER!!! Not only do I remember him, but I had him. Which is incredibly sad because I think I was like 13 and entering Junior High. Whatever, man. You can take your judgy finger and shove it. Yay Croc Master!!!

....hmmm, just noticed that Batman's villain BANE looks very similar to Croc Master. Bane debuted in 1993, 6 years after Crocky ('87). Then again, they're both capitalizing on the then-rising popularity of professional wrestling (masks). Croc Master looks way cooler.... for the simple lack of the leotard.

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Anonymous said...

I always loved the guy who dressed up in a bad, non-functional flying falcon suit...I believed (Swear to god) he was Cobra's accountant. He REFUSED to wear a shirt, but insisted in wearing a falcon hood and cape. Incredible.

That's why I want to work for Cobra. Best dress code EVER!