Monday, September 15, 2008


Available now at Party City and other such stores, for $15.
Check out this dude modeling his!
Is that a Mandalorian tattoo? Why yes, it is.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

I'm waiting for the George Lucas inflatable neck !!

Jim, is that actually not just a picture of you though !?

allen etter said...

Love the way the model is 'flexing' his biceps. This is almost as sad as the McDonalds' bobble heads - my son got one in a happy meal and threw it away...I was so proud of was Princess Leah's head sticking out of the top of a Rebel Blockade Runner - perhaps the coolest ship EVER that has now beem TAINTED in my thoughts and dreams by sir SATAN LUCAS - I swear the original George was killed and replaced with a clone after EMPIRE STRIKES BACK - saw no freakin' ewoks in Empire. BTW, Andrew, you can get the G.L. goiter neck by punching your own neck every time you see a shot that is a continuity error in the prequels and the re-released movies. "Greedo shot first" - two punches to the throat. Obi ages forty years in 18 actual year on Tatooine - three punches to the LATERAL FLEXORS! Any sign of JAR FRACKIN JAR and it's a 2 by 4 to the jugular! Have fun and drink beer whilst expanding the neck!

Jim said...

Andrew... haha, inflatable neck... that made me laugh out loud. and regarding pic.. that would be a big N-O... NOT me in the pic. Please. :)

Allen.... haha, love the punching game! And loved the story of your son throwing away the crappy toy. YOu should buy him that new badass Millenium Falcon that just came out!

I've been meaning to do a quick post on that... and so I shall....