Thursday, September 11, 2008


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Over at Cinematical, FRANK MILLER geekdreamed about a DARK KNIGHT RETURNS movie and said he envisions SYLVESTER STALLONE in the role. He said, "Just that mouth of his, the scowl and the way it would look in a mask. I loved "Rocky Balboa". This wounded warrior, that's what Batman is in Dark Knight Returns. "

Whoa.... um, really??

I guess I can see it, based on Miller's tastes... I don't like it, but I can picture it. Stallone would have to be in his A-Game to have a chance of pulling it off; Rocky, I guess I pictured more of a beefed up Unforgiven-Clint-Eastwood-type. It doesn't really matter... there's no DKR movie in the works - Miller was just geeking.

What are your thoughts?
Who would you want?
*Did you enlarge that image and check it out?
I'm kinda proud of the pics I lined up! Dork!


Anonymous said...

Nice pic, Jim. Well done!

Awright, hear me out. DKR was originally published in 1986. That was the timeframe of Stallone's peak of popularity with Rambo: First Blood PTII, Rocky IV and Cobra (don't knock Cobra).

This was before Over The Top, Cliffhanger, Demolitian Man, Judge Dredd, etc etc. where Sly became a cartoon parody of himself. In '86 Stallone was still the Man and a total badass and rad. So timewarp back to '86 and envision Stallone as an older, badass warhorse in the DKR cowl.

Maybe? It's a stretch.

Anonymous said...

oh yes, that would be amazing!

Anonymous said...

Kurt Russell has bulked up quite a bit as the years have passed. He'd be pretty good.

Or Ernest Borgnine. He's cheaper. ;)

Anonymous said...

Demo-man rocks..
Don't lump it in with those othere,

and I bet the director of Judge Dread thought the same thing about the stalone-mouth jawline..
that worked out well.

Anonymous said...

Just let Nicholson reprise his role as the Joker!

Anonymous said...

I get what you're saying, dr lazarus. I can KIND OF see it...