Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I called it over 8yrs ago - RAY "Darth Maul" PARK has been cast as SNAKE-EYES in the GIJOE movie. Finally a decent casting choice, I think. They really screwed the pooch with the director choice and Baroness casting, but I like this one. Although an unknown would have bee just as good since you should NEVER see his face, nor hear his voice.... you know, since he's mute and in 150 issues of GIJOE you never saw his mutilated face. Sorry, this post was intended to be positive, ha! Now if only they'd cast GARY OLDMAN as COBRA COMMANDER... but again, you should never see his face... alot of GIJoe characters are like that; Snake-Eyes, Cobra Commander, Destro....

Also, check out that nice fan costume to the left!

Btw, Snake-Eyes is quite possibly my favorite character ever... Top 5 atleast.


Anonymous said...

I think you mean Gary Coleman as Cobra Commander. "Watchu talkin bout Destro"

Anonymous said...

He's got the skills but he is only like 5'6" tall