Friday, December 14, 2007


Last night I attended TWISTED SISTER's 2nd Annual TWISTED CHRISTMAS concert at the House of Blues Sunset!!! Like last year, it was fucking AWESOME!!!! DEE SNYDER is such a great frontman! He's funny, personable, connects with the audience and just tears up the stage as a performer! And again like last year, he kicked off the show in a Santa costume, then changing into the classic freakshow of old. YES! The band, comprised of all 5 original members, rocked it out and the energy was fantastic!

Highlights included all the hits you'd want to hear ("We're Not Gonna Take It", "Stay Hungry", "I Wanna Rock" etc), some great old tunes (sweet!) and a handful of XMas songs from their excellent 2007 release "A VERY TWISTED CHRISTMAS" (It's great, pick it up!). "SILVER BELLS" was a treat, as always, and the cinema snow falling down over us was a nice touch! We were up towards the front and throughtout the evening would get pulled in and out of the Pit, which was going strong even during the "ballad"! Ha!

The night was fucking awesome and I hope they do it again next year.... and the next and the next!! I am now officially in the Christmas Mood! YAY!

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