Monday, December 03, 2007


About 25 years too late, but I'll take em! Overall, I think they suck. But if these figs had been released in 1982/84, I would have loved them! Deluxe playsets would have been essential, too. But for 2008? I expect better quality. I'll probably pick up the Indy w/Jacket just because. Marion has a frying pan!


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Look at them. They're worthless - ten dollars from a vendor in the street. But I take them, I bury them in the sand for a thousand years, they become priceless. Like the Ark.

Lisa said...

Hasbro makes poor quality toys. That's the problem right there. Look at what they did to the Marvel Legends line. Necca or Mezco would have given us better quality - but of course the price would have to be higher too. You get what you pay for!

I know we're going to stock them in our store. People have been asking about them, so we'll get 'em.