Tuesday, December 04, 2007


The latest MARVEL HEROCLIX set is out; "MUTATIONS & MONSTERS". Personally, I'm not into the Clix thing... I've played before, and its fun, but takes too long to play in my uber-popular busy schedule (heh), plus I have enough crap in my house taking up room.

Anyway, the newer sculpts and paintjobs are really looking nice. The above pic shows those game pieces I really really want cause they look neat-o. I especially want the ARCHANGEL and the ORIGINAL X-MEN!!!! Oh man!!!! Anyone have any doubles?

....and where's Original Angel? Was he already released?


Lisa said...

The Archangel doesn't look as good when it comes out of the pack. We opened 6 here today and his wings are all messed up from being jammed into the package. Oh, and our Beast was headless - that's right, just the body with no sign of a head anywhere.

Jim said...

no head?! jeez!

That sucks about Archangel's wings... he'll never sell that way... I guess you'll just have to give him to me.

Lisa said...

hmmmm... you never know what might show up with a led Apocalypse figure.