Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Oops, forgot to post yesterday... yesterday was STAR TREK DAY on the Writer's Strike Picket line! Actors and fans hit the line to support the Writers. More pics HERE. Love the sign in the pic to the left!
You know, lots of attention is being put on the writers. But what about the thousands of non-writers who are out of work right now due to this strike? I'm talking about caterers, set designers, drivers, etc. They get dick out of this deal, except for loss of work and paychecks. Fucking resolve this shit already!

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Anonymous said...

Not only do we lose pay, our unions start taking hits to our Health and Welfare - then the Pension accounts. Less dues are coming in, so less money is being put into the accounts. I think Local 847 & Local 800 (Set Designers and Art Directors) have a 6 month surplus of funds to keep our health plans floating. After that, they have to start dropping members - putting us on Cobra.