Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Due to several requests, here is a post on yesterday's "First 5 minutes of AVP-R" release by FOX......

1) The Predators look and move like actual Predators, as opposed to the steroid dudes in AVP.

2) Dad gets his arm burned off by acid blood and kid gets face-hugged.

3) Get to see Predators running around inside the Predator ship. Some nice lighting, camera work and editing of the Pred crew getting killed here.

1) The Predalien looks ridiculous, with its dreadlocks, giant mandibles and Pumpkinhead physique. It's simply a horrible design that should not exist in the Alien Mythos. It's entire look and biology contradicts the previous movies and established "rules". Plus, it goes from Chestburster to Full-grown creature in a manner of seconds? Sigh.

2) I still hate that this movie takes place on Earth, in Modern Times no less. Have the planet be a colonized planet somewhere.

3) Aliens do not have skin. There is a shot with a Predator skinning the skull of an Alien. Again, Aliens do not have skin - they have an exoskeleton. It may seem minor to non-fans, but this is a good example of how the creators simply do not know what they are doing with these creatures.

1) I don't need to see the Predator homeworld, nor do I want to. Leave it a mystery. Why do people nowadays feel the must know and see everything????

2) The main Predator is "a Cleaner".... like "The Wolf" in Pulp Fiction. These are the directors' words, not mine. Lame.

3) In the 5min shown, they rehash songs from the soundtracks to ALIEN 3, ALIEN: RESURRECTION and PREDATOR.

Overall, a fun 5 minutes that already looks a thousand times better than the first AVP... which isn't saying much, because AVP has nothing to offer. AVP-R looks to be a fun "Fan Film" with some cool imagery and lots of stupid bullshit.

I plan to buy a ticket to GOLDEN COMPASS and sneak into the AVP-R theater. I will not give money to the Studios for this film. I implore you to do the same. I also look forward to editing the fuck out of this once its on dvd, so I can watch a nice little "music video" of cool imagery.

I know my rage sounds silly, but I hold ALIENS very close to my heart. I think most people will enjoy this. For me, it just breaks my heart.


Andrew Glazebrook said...
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Andrew Glazebrook said...

Cheer up, these guys are keen on doing AvP 3 !! Now I bet that'll be great !! :) Oh and I find it hard to make judgment on the look of this film from such an awful postage stamp of a clip, why don't they post this big screen !!?

allen said...

This does look slightly better than the first, but the whole thing with the kid getting face-hugged...that's sick. And yeah, the rapid growth of the predalien was silly. Also, I noticed that the Predator on the home world was sitting in a big swinging chair thing that looked like it could have been the big chair alien pilot (I always forget what it was officially called) from the first alien film...

crookymike said...

Surely that miniscule amount of facehugger blood wouldn't have taken the guys arm off. Also, with all the imaging technology the Predators have, they would have noticed the Alien feotus or if they did they would have contained it. And why keep something as dangerous as a facehugger in a glass tank? I'm sure there could have been a better way of writing them in.
But yes, I will see it(but I ain't paying ha ha ha!)

Scott King said...

I really want you to go see it. Enjoy it. Then have to write a big... no. HUGE apology for complaining for soooooooooooooooooo many months with sooooooooooooooo many posts because you actually enjoyed the final product.

Also, did you hear that this movie sets it up so that the third AvP would take place in space?

Jim said...

Ha, not going to happen, Scott. Sorry. There's just too many shitty aspects already that I simply cannot get around. However, if I DO go sneak into a screening, I will give a review.... and I will SMASH IT as well as give any deserved PRAISE. I'll keep an open mind.

No apologies will come, tho.