Thursday, December 13, 2007


Sometimes a comic comes out of nowhere and delightfully surprises me, reminding me of my love of Comics. The recent MARTIAN MANHUNTER arc of JLA CLASSIFIED (#42-46) did just that. I picked up all 5 issues primarily for the art, done by veteran RICK LEONARDI. I first saw his art back in 1987 with DAREDEVIL #249 which guest starred WOLVERINE (back when he was actually a cool character) and was an instant fan of his art. Well, he rocked it out in this story!

Like I said, I really enjoyed this 5-issue arc (which I've just now finally read, in one sitting). It was fun, exciting, cool and held my interest the entire time! Martian Manhunter is a difficult character to spotlight, but they pulled it off! In fact, I am now left wishing that writer JUSTIN GRAY and penciller LEONARDI would be given a MONTHLY Martian Manhunter title! Make it so, DC! You have one fan ready to fork over cash every month for it!

So if you're looking for a fun comic and dig Martian Manhunter... or want to read a good story with him to become acquainted with.... contact your local comic shop and pick up JLA CLASSIFIED #42-46. And don't forget to grab some oreos on your way home!.....MM fans will get that joke.
*Another Leonardi run I recommend: SPIDER-MAN 2099!

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